Hash for a cure

  • All of us know of someone that has been affected by cancer in some way. Each and every day we are bombarded with this ribbon or that ribbon to raise awareness. Does it really help? We would like to think so as we're sure you would also. Regardless of their effectiveness there are gaps in the system and our goal is to help those patients that fall outside of the normal assistance programs that are currently available. Below you will see a small story that happened to someone we knew and because of his experiences we decided to step in and do something about it.

    Right now we are looking for people to sponsor us so we can get this program kickstarted properly. If you would like to help then please visit the contribute section of the site. Each week we will update the news section with totals and projections as to where the funds will be allocated. At present we need to purchase some equipment and check with legal counsil as to the best way to setup this program. Once that is done we are hoping to start assisting clients by or before August of 2013. So far we have a couple Oncologists on board to perform the client selection process. We do not claim to be doctors and would rather to have a few physicians contact us with potential clients.

  • Matthew's Story

  • Matthew had been working for over 12 years and only missed work because of the birth of his son and the death of his grandfather. Then in 2009 the factory was shut down so he decided to go back to college and get a degree that would help him get a better job. In 2010 he found out that he had stage 3 embryonic carcinoma. Luckily his wife had insurance at her place of employment; but, it didn't cover everything. They signed up for various financial assistance programs and were turned down because his wife made too much money. (she was a regular working woman that made an average salary. Not a 6 figure income.)

    While going through treatment they had to juggle bills and had a very difficult time. Eventually they called the people in charge of their student loans and they were very understanding. Then they contacted their mortgage company. Needless to say that wasn't a pleasant experience at all. Essentially they were informed that cancer was a long term issue and therefore did not qualify for any sort of payment deferral. They ended up calling around and eventually were able to make arrangements that kept them from losing everything but it was difficult.

    It is sad that people that work hard for a living for years without an issue find themselves in such a difficult situation. Because of Matthew's experience several of us decided to see if there was something we could do to help people in similar situations.