• June 29 Major Update


    Today we went through the entire site and revamped our purpose in order to position us to fully support the electronic currency community. We also decided to allow weekly pooled purchases which allows us to pass any savings directly to our customers. We aren't sure why more online stores haven't done anything like this before.
    The thing our customers need to keep in mind are the following: pooled orders are processed on Friday or Saturday each week.

    The full retail cost will be charged initially.

    Once we place the order with our wholesaler any discounts will be credited to your account.

    When the equipment arrives we will test each item to verify that it works prior to shipment. If an item isn't working properly then we will RMA the item and get you another which will ship to you when it arrives.

    If you want us to do a burn in test of the equipment or pre-configure the gear for you then you need to request those services which will impose an additional (minor) cost.

    Feel free to contact us for any other questions you may have.

  • June 27 Minor Update


    Today we submitted some information via our FB channel partners.

  • June 21 Working on the Site


    Today I've been working hard to get this site completed and it's coming along fairly well. Even though I'm not a web developer this site is turning out pretty good. the biggest problem so far is going to be getting all of the integration done with the blogging and forum packages that we are looking into using.

  • June 20 Website development


    Most of the pages have been designed but getting everything tuned is taking a while longer than expected. From my days as a programmer (years ago might I add) any project usually takes at least 2x whatever the development time was to debug and get ready for deployment. The graphics have been very difficult primarily because I've never been very skilled in the artistic department. Once this is all live I'll have to look into getting someone to help rework the site because my vision and execution are nowhere near on the same page.

  • June 21 Cancer assistance website


    Today the site was launched. There were some bugs in the contact form but overall the process was fairly uneventful. We removed a few portions of various pages based upon feedback by various individuals to help in the overall appearance of the site.