Hash For a Cure

  • Contribute?

    In order to make everything as simple as possible we have opened several avenues for you to help us provide the funds needed to support the program. First you have the standard monetary gifts. For those we use Paypal. For this we have setup a generic hotmail address while we collect funds to pay for all the legal fees and purchase the equipment needed to fully open this program. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions then by all means feel free to contact us via the official web form. Most of the time we will respond within 24 hours.


    For people that participate in the digital currencies markets we accept bitpay and hope to have other payment gateways open shortly. When you use the bitpay gift option you will notice the parent business listed. That is temporary as we work to get enough funds to fully transition hashforacure.com into a full fledged business.

    USD Bitpay the easy way to pay with bitcoins.

  • Hardware Contributions

    Finally we accept computer hardware contributions. Before considering this option be aware of the following:

    • Contact us prior to sending any equipment so that we can have someone ready to inspect the gear.

    • If sending Video cards they should be of the ATI/AMD type.
    • ATI/AMD Video cards should be HD 5000 or higher in designation
    • All equipment must be in working condition and packaged well.
    • Processors, Memory, Motherboards, Power supplies etc are accepted.
    • Any equipment that does not meet these requirements may be sold as scrap.
    • If the equipment is still of use we may donate it to needy families.

  • Be Part of Our Community

    If you wish to be a part of Hash for a cure we invite you to send us an e-mail telling us what your particular skills are as well as what types of services you would like to provide.

  • About Us

    • We are a small group of IT professionals that enjoy working with new and emerging technologies. Over the past year or two several of us have been involved in digital currencies like bitcoin and litecoin. Since you cannot find too many places that offer hardware and software payments to procure IT equipment we decided to support the community and launch this site.

    • That's why we decided to open an online store to sell cancer awareness clothing bearing the hashforacure logo as well as offer hardware/software solutions for businesses and consumers. While we do not anticipate those two markets will completely remove the need for community assistance it will help us maintain a more stable base to provide a sustained level of support for cancer patients.