Hash for a cure

  • Welcome to the HFC website. Since you're here let's answer a few questions for you

    Who are we?

    We are a group of IT professionals that enjoy working with digital currencies.

    What's with the name?

    Hash for a cure is in reference to a geeky term known as hashing. Sorry we're not a cannabis related website. Hashing is about taking an input of various sizes (like names) and generating a set length item... Like the asterisk you see whenever you type in a password in any one of a multitude of websites.
    Also since several of us are into electronic currency mining and one of the key topics is the "hash rate" of the hardware used to perform the mining we decided to use that as part of our site name.

    Ok I kinda got that but what are you trying to cure?

    Our goal is to make it easier for electronic currency miners to acquire equipment. So we're trying to cure the inconvenience of being unable to pay via the bitcoins/litecoins that they mine.

    Do you accept donations?

    Feel free to contribute if you want; however, you should be aware that we are not a non-profit/charity and as such any contributions are not tax deductible.

    I like your drive but don't want to make a contribution. How else can I help?

    The best way is to purchase hardware from us. As our sales grow we will be able to invest more into the community. We will also be able to purchase more items in bulk and pass the savings on to you.

    So you also do pooled orders for IT equipment?

    That's an excellent idea. So with that in mind we can run a weekly pool to purchase some gear and the savings will be passed on to you. If you're one of our electronic currency mining customers feel free to drop us a line and suggest an item which you feel would get a great deal of support.


    This site is still very young so if there is something you don't see listed but think it would be a great fit then feel free to visit the contact page and drop us an email. We are more than happy to hear your suggestions.